Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Dip Dye

The dip dyed look is everywhere these days, and whether it's your ombre hair or your half bleached clothing, we all want a piece of it!

Here's a fun and easy way to DIY your own dip dyed denim and tops.

What you'll need: 
1 pants hanger
1 shirt hanger
pair of cut off shorts
old crew neck sweatshirt

1. Start out with a pair of cut-off Levi's or an old sweatshirt. My shorts were thrifted Levi 501's that I cut into shorts, and my crew neck sweatshirt was thrifted as well.

2. Hang the item you want to bleach on its designated hanger (pants hanger for shorts, top hanger for sweatshirts.)

3. Fill your bucket with 1 part bleach to 1 part water.

4. This is where you have to get creative... Suspend your hung garments with string from a safe place that won't be harmed by bleach. Make sure only half of the item you want to bleach is dipped in the bleach mixture. Do not fully submerge your garment, unless you want to bleach the whole thing.

 I hung mine from my shower head with my bucket of bleach at the base of my bathtub so that if any spilled it would go right down the drain!

5. Let half of your item soak until you've reached a desired bleached color. Shorts can take about 3-6 hours depending on how strong your solution is, and sweat shirts normally can take a day, depending on how white you want the end result. With both, make sure to continuously check the progress of your garment because if you leave it too long, the bleach will eat away at the fabric!

6. When you've reached the desired color, carefully rinse your item, and then throw them in the wash with detergent and a little vinegar. Remember, bleach stains, so be extra careful when transferring your garment!

Caution: You will now be addicted to dip dying all your clothes... have fun!

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