Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday Tip: DIY "cold shoulder" top

America is obsessed with showing a "cold shoulder" right now. Here's a fun new way to recycle old tights and create your own cut out shoulder look using a WkShp tee!

What you'll need:
old opaque tights (it's fine if they have a few rips)

1. Take your old tights and cut off the feet.

2. Fold tights in half and cut the crotch out of the tights. 
Note: Start with a very small hole (because they are so stretchy, a little goes a long way).

3. Put your arms where your legs would usually go, and put your head through crotch, leaving the initial waistband at the small of your waist.
Note: At this time if the head hole is not big enough or the arms are too long, go back and revise your cuts.

4. Throw a WkShp tank over the top, and you now have your own "Cold Shoulder" top!

This recycled look is great for layering under tanks in the winter, but also looks cute by itself when the shoulders are pulled up. You can also experiment with different colored tights and sheer black nylons for a different feel!


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  1. old opaque tights...those look brand new to me...?